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Jose Picardo's Top Ten List

1. Streaming Video
2. Music
4. Interactive Exercises
5. Interactive Whiteboard
6. Podcasts
7. Blogs and Wikis
8. Social Networks
9. Internet Tools
10. Gadgets

I have thought of the options for using most of these in my classroom. I am a Secondary Ed major so I have yet to see applications, but I am looking! I have thought of ways to using Streaming Video in my daughter's school. They have an Upper School on one campus and a Lower School on another campus. St. Luke's is always looking for ways to "mingle" the campuses. I think that video streaming would be a great way to create an educational "bridge"!

I had not thought of using Music in the classroom. I am going to research how I could possibly use music that the students like to teach. Maybe it could be done during a creative session...? Who knows, but now my interests is piqued!

Teleconferencing is another thing that could create a bridge between the two campuses. Even having a lower school teacher "tele-teach" for one block! That would be kind of cool! It would also shake things up in the class room and keep it interesting. That is something as a teacher we can't forget --- we have to engage the students in learning... sometimes this might mean a "shake up!"

The other things I have already thought of ways to implement into my classroom. Especially Twitter! I am crazy about Twitter and so are students! If I can create a Facebook, Twitter, and Blog for my students learning will be much more fun and my ability to interact with the students will be a better experience.

I have added this list to my Delicious account! So excited!

Final Report on My PLN

It is so hard to believe that I am giving my final report on my PLN. I have to say that I was only using Symbaloo at first, but now I find it better to use a bit of both. I keep most of my web pages such as blogs, newspaper articles and journal articles on Delicious. Symbaloo for everything else.

I am an avid tweeter so I have some great hashtags that I look at weekly.

I found my PLN to be a great help recently when I was writing a project for my Folklore class. I had gotten all of my "peer reviewed" and "professional" citations ready, but the project needed MORE! I was looking at my Delicious account; I realized that I had saved some really great blogs that related some "folkloric" material. I was able to include those items as "inspiration" to my project! I say that so that you will know a PLN can help in your school as well as in your professional life!

Final Project

Final Project
The Learning Leos

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Post on Metaphors

Use of Metaphor

Metaphors are comparisons that show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. A metaphor is more active than an analogy because metaphor asserts two things are the same, whereas analogy implies a difference.

Metaphors are created for the purpose of insightful close reading, usually for the purpose of better internal visualization and comparison to another concept from which one can draw his or her own conclusion. A 'dead metaphor' may appear transparent upon first glance. However, dead metaphors are the most common of all usages because of common cultural or origin specific universal meaning. "I just can't shake it" is an example of a universal metaphor that, because of its contextual reference has an established implied message. Interpretation of metaphorical speaking is 'in the eyes of the beholder.' Is the reader insightful enough to recognize a metaphor? Metaphorically speaking, "we should remove our blinders."

So this is the case of John Spencer's "Dont' Let Them Take the Pencils Home" Mr. Spencer is using the pencils as a metaphor for any/all technology. Unfortunately some people took the post literally - I did not. This makes me wonder, why did I know that pencils was a metaphor for technology? I think part of it has to do with the fact that I have been paying attention in Dr. Strange's class! I have been looking at the ideas behind what we are learning. I believe that Dr. Strange's main objective in this class is to increase our knowledge base on how to use technology in the classroom. If you replace the word "pencil" with "technology" the Mr. Spencer's post makes much more sense.

Students should be very familiar with metaphors... but most do not recognize them at first glance. In everyday English, words are very commonly used metaphorically. We use metaphors so regularly that we often don't even register that we are using them. For example, we have lots of metaphors about weather.
  • The sky was dark and angry.
  • His lightning reflexes saved his life.
  • His sunny face was just what I wanted to see.

The sky cannot be literally angry and no-one can have reflexes as fast as lightning; a sunny face helps us to think of the warmth of the sun and we transfer this to the character of this person. These words (metaphors) are used to express our understanding or our interpretation of the world around us as clearly as possible.

A lot of metaphors relate to nature in general.

  • I think this will throw some light on the issue.
  • I've made some punch with wine, fruit juice and a little brandy to break the ice.
  • The agreement was hedged around by a large number of restrictions.
  • That politician is a sly fox.

The use of "light", "break the ice" and "hedged" are all nature-based metaphors that are used to express how we view the world.

A lot of metaphors are based on gardens or agriculture. For example, we often use the word root to refer to the cause of a problem. It can also be used to describe something starting to grow.

  • The root of this problem is Blair's decision to go into Iraq.
  • If we keep on pushing this idea forward, it might actually take root.
  • The Labour Party wants to have a very strong grass-roots campaign.
  • After a rocky start, their romance blossomed.
  • This is a thorny issue so it will take some time to sort it out.

Many metaphors relate to water.

  • The ocean of his mind was awash with new ideas.
  • I don't want to go out with him. He's so wet!
  • Waves of disappointment swept over him.
  • He watered down his proposal quite a lot and in the end it wasn't radical enough.
  • My legs turned to water and I couldn't move.

Have a look at these metaphors and think about how they relate to the literal meaning.

  • I swallowed his story whole, I'm sorry to say.
  • Her eyes were filled with pain and I couldn't look at her.
  • Taking this job is a gamble but I hope it works out well in the end.
  • Hotels have sprouted up all over Thailand.
  • The minutes crept by as the party was so dull!
  • Bush said he would stay the course in Iraq.
  • There was a huge amount of fallout over Blair's decision.
  • Low interest rated fuelled the house-prices boom.
  • His idea was warmly received.
  • The two presidential candidates were neck and neck.
  • We'd better go back to square one and start again.
  • His refusal set off a chain of events that ended in his arrest.
  • She made a fatal mistake when she signed the agreement.

So - we should recognize metaphors right away - and we should pay attention to what we are reading! I think most students may have missed the metaphor because well ---- they weren't paying attention! They were just trying to complete the assignment.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blog Post Assignment #13

Media Fast

HOLY COW! I thought that completing a media fast would be simple. I routinely commit to fasting for religious beliefs. I thought that a media fast would be simple. After all I had books to read for another class - no problem, or so I thought!

I attempted this fast not just the three times Dr. Strange suggested before calling it quits, but multiple times! I would begin on a day that I has TONS of things to get accomplished, before long I found myself needing the computer to type something for class. The one that got me most often was the cell phone. I use it all the time! Also, I am a photographer by hobby (definitely not trained!) I found that I wanted to take photos with my "free" time.

I was bored out of my mind! Although my home did get cleaned and my laundry got finished... ummm is using the dishwasher and washing machine forbidden, if so... I really failed!

I think I managed to go about 16 hours without using/watching/listening to media. Here is a list of Dr. Strange's rules:
Do not use any electronic (powered by electricity or batteries) entertainment or communications
device for 24 consecutive hours. If you break this activity by using a banned device, you must
start the activity over again.

What is banned:
Any use of television, video records or players
Computers, tablets, notepads or similar devices
Video cameras, audio recorders or equipment, radios, iPods, iPads, iPhones (or any cell phone),
Telephones of any kind, hearing aids (if applicable)
You may go to a movie in a movie theatre, participate in personal conversations, read one or
more books, attend a lecture in person. No FaceBook however for 24 hours.

My failure was complete and total!!!

Smartboard Part 2

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Post #12

I have been racking my brain trying to think of something that would be appropriate to add to the contents of this class. I like the idea of using other sources to blog about. One source would be The New Tech Network found here.

The New Tech Network is a non-profit organization that helps high school students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college, and the careers of tomorrow.They work nationwide with schools, districts, and communities to provide services and support that enable schools to implement innovative high schools that promote deeper learning.Beginning in the mid-90s in Napa, California. The local schools were meeting education standards, and the community thought of Napa High School as a good school. However, local business leaders remained concerned that meeting basic standards would not be enough to ensure that students were graduating with the skills needed to meet the needs of the new economy.These business and community leaders decided to make a difference. Working with the local school district, they began researching innovations in education to re-imagine what a truly great school might be like. In 1996, the Napa Valley Unified School District established Napa New Technology High School with the first class of 100 students. As Napa New Technology High School thrived, local business leaders and education advocates came together to ensure the school’s long-term success and sustainability by establishing the New Tech Foundation. In 2001, New Tech was awarded a $6 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Today, their name is New Tech Network and they support 87 public high schools in 16 states. New Tech schools leverage what research tells us about how people learn to create an exceptional teaching and learning environment. Based on this research and experience, they create a rigorous and engaging high school experience that features project-based learning, the seamless use of technology, and a positive and empowering school culture.

Now that you know a bit about the site and why it was created, let's move to the assignment. One this page is the blog for the site. I think the assignment would be to assign each student a blog and require them to post on the blog and explain how they could possibly use the technology discussed in his/her classroom. I think it would be a big help to future teachers to see how other teachers view technology and apply it to their classrooms...

What do you think?

Progress Report on Final Project

Our group has been corresponding about our final project. I think we have agreed on a concept, but we are working out the contents. We are thinking that we will do a lesson plan revolving around use of technology in our respective classrooms. We are in contact (we have come a long way since the beginning of class!) and we are working on ideas!

Project #14 Skype Interview

Interview with Melinda Long

Melinda is the author of the book "How I Became a Pirate". You can find my book trailer to "How I Became a Pirate" here. Please enjoy the interview with author/teacher Melinda Long.

C4K#10 Part 1

class full of children
Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

One day I hope my students are able to create a quality blog like these 3rd graders have created! I know that in order for this to happen, I must learn as much as I possibly can to teach them how to create the blog. Once you view what Mrs. Yollis has done here, you will see that she is not only educating her own students, but she is educating students all over the world. She is teaching parents how to access their children's work, grandparents on becoming involved in their grandchildren's education and she is educating future teachers.

Mrs. Yollis' blog shows us what can be accomplished through dedication and hard work. She sets up Skype interviews with other countries like Australia! She also creates opportunities for the kids to learn about giving to others with her post regarding UNICEF here. Mrs. Yollis is educating her students on how to learn and how to give back! She isn't teaching them by standing in front of them talking, she is educating them by showing them how to learn. This is something I want to emulate in my future classroom! It is the main reason I wish to become an educator! Mrs. Yollis is educating the students on how to learn - therefore she is teaching them to become self learners which will entice them to be life long learners!

I am so excited by this blog! I can see what can be done with students in a classroom environment. Honestly, what excited me even more was a link that Mrs. Yollis has on her blog called Educational Blogging Resource for Teachers! What an informational website! I have added that site to my Delicious account for future use. It is something I will definitely be going back to and using!

Friday, November 11, 2011


cloud formations

Melissa is amazing with gathering photos that speak louder than words. Although I am unable to completely understand why I am commenting on her blog, I do enjoy it a lot!


Cat sitting in a bathroom sink

This week The Scholastic Scribe was connecting to Camera Critters. Such a cute post about animals. This one appears to have a long tail or should it read TALE! Hmmm --- maybe the latter!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blog Post Assignment #11

Ms. Cassidy

I thought it was pretty awesome that Ms. Cassidy didn't expect to be technologically advanced in the classroom! She started using technology because she was all of a sudden given five computers in her classroom.She then decided that since there were five computers, she had to make a center for her young five and six year old's to use. She started to learn how to create web pages and others things on her blank computers. This soon turned into blogging and many other things she discovered with the use of internet.

With the help of the government and give time off,she was able to build her program for her students. I think that from ten years ago when she was given these computers, she has built something really special that she does every year with her first graders. It is great that she was given the opportunity to teach her students about technology and not be discouraged by faculty,staff, and principals. She said she has an amazing technology coordinator who supports her and backs her up.What an awesome place to teach!

I only hope that when I become a teacher that the parents of my students are supportive and want to know how their children are doing while learning about technology. Ms.Cassidy says to future teachers who think that teaching technology to younger children does not matter right now, that technology is here to stay and that we have to change because the world is changing. This really made me think about how important it is going to be for me to learn more about technology so that I can one day help my students.Watching the skype conversation with Ms.Cassidy and Dr.Strange and his class was really interesting and made me do a lot of thinking about my future teaching career.

Although I will not be teaching at the Elementary level -- I can see the difference using technology makes in the classroom, even with the younger kids. It is my desire to use as much technology as I possibly can in my classroom. I am hoping to teach in an environment that allows me to utilize technology to its fullest potential!

I feel overwhelmed each week with the knowledge I gain in this class!I hope that I can evolve into the type of educator that emulate Dr. Strange's methods of learning! I will graduate in the Spring of 2013 and I am now CONVINCED that I am pursuing my PASSION!

Friday, November 4, 2011

C4K Post # 3

Final C4K Post

Mr. McClung's World...


Won't you look up at the skyline
at the mortar block and glass
and check out the reflections
in my eyes
you see they always
used to be there
even when this all was grass
and I sang and danced
about a high-rise

you were laughing at
my helmet hat
laughing at my torch

Go ahead you can
laugh all you want
I got my philosophy
keeps my feet on the ground
and I trust it like the ground
and that's why my philosophy(my phil-)
it keeps me walking when I'm falling down(o-so-phy)

I see that there is evil
and I know that there is good
and the inbetweens
I never understood
won't you look at me
I'm crazy
but I get the job done
yeah I'm crazy
but I get the job done


I pushed you 'cause
I loved you guys
I didn't realize
you weren't having fun
I dragged you up the stairs
and I told you to fly
you were flapping your arms
you started to cry
you were too high
too high

You may take this all for granted
take the mortar, block and glass
and you forget the speech
that moved the stone
but it's really not that you can't see
the forest for the trees
you've never been out
in the woods alone

So you can laugh
all you want to
but I got my philosophy
keeps my feet on the ground
and I love you
you're my friend
but you got no philosophy
now it's time for this song to end

Although I was not sure exactly why I would need to look at this particular post. It was just about a singer and some of his work. Until... I read the lyrics and looked at the video (see above) what a great sentiment for today's educators. We all have a philosophy. Sometimes we change our philosophies in order to appease administration or our co-workers. I believe this song needs to be kept in the heart of all future teachers and current teachers. If you lose your philosophy when you teach o then you need to stop teaching or regain your philosophy!

Or --- I could be all wrong!

Mrs. Yollis's Class

This week I was assigned to comment on Mrs. Yollis's Classroom Blog here. This blog was about traditions. As a visitor we were specifically asked to post a tradition in our family. I posted about our family tradition of going to all of my siblings and my parent's home on Christmas. It is a fun time that we share with each other. There are a bunch of us in my family since I am one of FIVE children, so it makes for a chaotic but enjoyable time of fun, fellowship and eating!

Britney is a Year 6 student at the PT England School. She is a great writer and does an excellent job telling what happens on "blog day"! I commented on her blog post here. Britney is doing an excellent job with her blog post. It is very colorful and well written!

Last C4K

I can understand why Dr. Strange wanted us to comment on the kids blogs. This shows us a tangible way that we, as future teachers, can include blogging in the classroom. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and responding to each kid's blog and I look forward to having my high school students maintain a blog!


At the beginning of the semester, I wondered why the heck we would be leaving comments for kids. I get that now. Leaving comments forces one to see how the teachers/students are using blogs. This gives a prospective educator an idea of what he/she can do in their own classroom.

The one thing I would have enjoyed seeing in a blog with Secondary students. We saw some middle school students using blogs, but not any ninth-twelfth grade students using blogs. I wish there had been more opportunities for viewing upper schools blogs. I know there is probably a shortage of blogs for high school students. I hope that I can change that in a year or so!
I really enjoyed this assignment and I am surprised to say that I am sorry to see it ending!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post Assignment #10

I Want to Educate

Here I am, 42 years old a junior in college and I am a Secondary Ed/Language Arts major. Recently, someone asked me if I had always wanted to be a teacher. My answer was honest (as I tend to be) and I responded "NO! I have never wanted to be a "teacher"! I want to share what I know with teenagers and help them to gain knowledge about literature, grammar and writing. I DO NOT want to "teach" them - I want to guide them towards attaining knowledge through
learning and using what they have learned to better themselves and improve their knowledge!" I think the person I was talking to was stunned.

I have never, ever wanted to be a teacher... I have always, always wanted to share my passion for gaining knowledge with our younger generation. I do not want to stand in front of a class and lecture about what I know. I want to help the students gain knowledge through reading, practicing and doing... I know - this sounds like teaching... and to be honest, it is not really teaching... it is educating! This video tells the difference. I want to be an educator. I want to be the teacher that the students dread because of the work, but love because they get to participate in their own education. I know this works, I have seen this work - I want to be that teacher!

Maybe it is my age or maybe it is because I have finally found a place that I feel that I belong... I never realized the real difference between teaching and educating. I know now that I have always wanted to be an educator - not a teacher!

I think I can understand what Mr. Johnson is trying to say in his blog post. I believe this problem is similar to a problem that my daughter's school is having. Some parents/teachers want the students to have laptops to further the education of the student. Administration argues that laptops would create "problems" and not solutions for the teachers. They (the administration) argue about costs and parents not making the kids responsible for the computers and all the "normal" arguments against computers in the classroom. I love the argument that the students shouldn't have to be entertained in order to learn! I think the
laptops would engage not entertain the student!

I also think that the pencils might be a metaphor for any item that is technology related. Parents (at my daughter's school) have been pushing for e-books instead of paper textbooks. It is argued that parents have to purchase textbooks (it is a private school) and purchasing an iPad or the like would pay for itself in a matter of a year. It wasn't until this summer that the students were
allowed to do their summer reading with an e-reader instead of an actual book.

I guess you can tell I get worked up about people not being willing to use technology in the classroom. If educators would allow themselves to think about ways to incorporate technology the students are already familiar with and incorporate it into a lesson plan, they may find
students to be more engaged. In return, I believe, test scores (heavens, the almighty TEST SCORE!) would increase. Thus attaining what the educator, parent, student and administrators wish. Of course.... I could be wrong, but I am going to try!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Project # 13 Smartboard Part 1

Our group divided each item of mastery between the 4 of us. We made sure that we all knew how to use the Smartboard in the ways shown on the video. Due to time constraints - we combined the clips to form one group video project.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


roadway with school spelled incorrectly

For this C4T assignment I was assigned to The Scholastic Scribe. Today I commented on Wordless Wednesday. To be honest, I really had not a clue what she was doing! As I was reading comments and looking through her blog, I realize that the picture above speaks volumes about our educational system (or our lack of education!). As educators we need to be careful and plan well. I seriously doubt the person that painted the road didn't know how to spell. I think it was poor planning and carelessness. As future teachers we must be careful and plan well so that we do not make these same types of errors - lest people think we are uneducated! Thanks for the


I needed it!

dry cleaning storefront
This week I commented on the above photo. It speaks to the economy and to the goodness of the community. Education can be found in many different forms. I have enjoyed this blog - even though I still am not sure what she wants us to take from her blog posts. I know a picture speaks a thousand words, but I am not sure how I would use her blog examples as a tool in my classroom.


Joe McClung

Mr. McClung starts off by telling us that many teachers have forgotten - who their true audience is, and are not doing the students justice by teaching lessons geared at getting the approval of their superiors versus their students. He goes on to discuss being flexible and the disappointment of not being able to teach that perfect lesson the way that he had it written, holding students to expectations that they can't meet, not being afraid of technology, listening to students and being a lifelong learner.

I agree with McClung. First of all, I agree that some teachers have forgotten how to deliver a lesson that would best benefit the students rather than creating a lesson that is to impress superiors or the norm. I also agree that content comprehension is sometimes missed or passed over too quickly. I have a different opinion about trying to create the perfect lesson. I don't think that a perfect lesson exists and I look at a lesson as simply a guide not a path set in stone. We create lesson plans to keep us on track so that we don't forget anything.

Expectation... You cannot expect people to live up to a certain standard or you will always be disappointed and so will they. You need to encourage students to set and reach for goals. You hope your students will reach higher and if there is a perceived failure that is all that it is – perceived! I completely agree on the last two of not being afraid of technology and being a lifelong learner. What else could you hope for in a teacher?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project #11

I chose to do my short movie project on the same book I did for my book trailer! My sister teaches 1st grade at a local Mobile, Alabama school and I am hoping she will not only show the students my book trailer, but that she will also share my reading of the same book.
So, my short movie is a bit over 8 minutes long since I am reading the book to - hopefully - other children.


This Is How We Dream Part 1 and 2

In these two videos (Part One & Part Two), Richard Miller explains how much things have changed when it comes to writing and researching. He describes our desktop as a workshop and we use Word Processing apps to write about our research. We no longer have to go to the library we can easily use the internet to find exactly what we are looking for.
While books in the library only have so many copies, the internet is full of different copies. We are now able to share our information and while 3 people could be looking at the same book in the library, millions can be looking online at the same book. Although the internet having these sources and information is so convenient and helpful, I hope the print copies will stay around. Internet is not always reliable and often crashes. In the case that a research paper is due in a week and my computer crashes I would go to the library.
I don’t think I am completely prepared to write with multimedia, but as I continue with my school and learn new things everyday about technology, I will be ready when the time is necessary. Although I do believe I am better prepared now than I have ever been before! As an educator I must learn to do use all multimedia tools available. Technology increases day to day and when I’m a teacher my students will already know what to do or I will need to teach them how to use the technology available. I will also need to recognize when a student knows more about technology than myself and learn from the student!

Carly’s Blog

Carly Pugh

OMG! Now I am nervous about creating my assignment! What an incredible thing! When I was viewing Mr. Miller’s video, I was thinking in terms of literal typing/writing words to be read. I was not even considering the use of videos to be a means of multimedia expression. Oh - the joys of learning something new! Now my wheels are spinning!

I get the idea that Carly was like a kid in a candy store--- so many ideas in that head of hers! Now I have that same feeling. Every week I am crushed under the amount of work I have, and I always save my EDM310 stuff for last. I guess because it is the most fun, yet most time consuming. I just don’t want to be thinking about that paper or that test or anything else – just the “fun stuff”.

Now – I am going to You Tube to see what I can find! Later Gator…

Chipper and EDM 310 for Dummies

I thought both of these videos were well thought out and had extremely important points to them. The video about Chipper was pretty funny. The moral of it was that you have to always do your work and do it on time. You cannot rely on someone else to do it for you. If this is the case, you will never make it far in life. The EDM 310 video, I thought, was well produced as well as had a good point. The main idea was that this class is difficult and can make you go crazy if you do not know how to use the tools and websites. Once they learned how to use them they realized how beneficial this class will be for all classes.

I have found that I am much more open minded towards social media in the classroom than I was before! My ideas are changing for what constitutes “teaching” in a classroom. I think long term learning by using the tools that a student uses for social networking in the classroom will have a positive effect on their ability to retain the knowledge! EDM310 is changing the way I think!

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

I think this video is about the need for educational reform. One of the first statements is made about what the shape our education is in. A commentator said education was ranked behind coal mining in IT development. I am not sure if that was a good argument to use, because coal mining is a very dangerous industry and there is a huge need for IT development to keep miners safe. Miners aren't dumb by any means and they absolutely need information about where they are working. They need knowledge about earth demographics for their job and to simply stay alive in those mines.
The statement that more stimulated learning occurs outside the classroom is, I believe, true. Learning outside can be reinforced with life experiences. Learning inside is not necessarily a bad thing. A student needs to be inside too for some structured learning. That concept may never go away. I will agree with the statement that "Technology is not a choice, it has created a world." The choice to use it will happen with me and my students because I am involved with them and speaking and showing the merits that it has. There are some people that say technology is a choice for them. I feel they will eventually get left behind or just die off. Harsh statement, I know, but I believe we are seeing it happen (Baldwin County Schools, for instance). I will agree one hundred percent that teachers have to connect with other teachers. Most teachers want to engage students with learning. Having a wealth of ideas that are coming from all over the globe can keep learning fresh. Students get bored easily and having a bank of resources can help to produce a student that will have a desire to learn for the rest of his/her life. As educators, we must "Learn to change, change to learn."
As parents (or prospective parents) and educators we need to ENGAGE our students through the technology they are already familiar with and then SHOW them how to use these items for an EDUCATIONAL purpose. This is my idea... I am trying to get other teachers to "but in" to my ideas. I have been surprised that I am having so much difficulty is convincing teachers that social media is a great way to ENGAGE a student...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Project # 12 Book Trailer

I really enjoyed creating the book trailer. Although I am planning on teaching Middle/High school students, I think they would benefit by creating a book trailer themselves! Maybe I can even get my daughter's English teacher to embrace the idea!

Sit back and relax - enjoy this preview of How I Became a Pirate!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


This video amazing and completely inspirational. Randy Pausch mentioned how he had reached his childhood dream, and he gave small tips for you to learn while hearing the story. He mentioned he had reached his dreams and now he is helping to enable the dreams of others. He said to enable dreams of others, become a professor. Being a professor may be one way to enable the dreams of others, but it is not the only way!

Mr. Pausch mentioned many skills that are useful in teaching, one being fundamentals. Fundamentals are useful for teaching; you must get the fundamentals or the fancy stuff won't work. Another tip was corrections; when somebody is doing wrong and nobody is correcting them, that means that they were given up on. Critics are good. A good quote was "experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." The next skill is learning. Most of what we learn, we learn indirectly (or by "head fake". For example, do we really want our kids to learn a sport like football, or do we want them to learn the aspects of the game like teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. That is the head fake - the skills learned behind the scene.) Another skill is leadership; you don't have to be smart but you have to know how to lead. Then the concept of the brick wall, when you are stopped by something you keep trying if you really want something. Another skill mentioned was "don't get discouraged when somebody doesn't give you what you want." You should just give them some time, and they might surprise you or impress you and change their mind. The last skill is watch the way you say things. Instead of shutting something down and say that "I don't know"; you can say "I don't have enough information, let's hear more." (Something we definitely learn in EDM310!)

How do we enable the dreams of others? This video showed a good point about how students can do better than you think. For example, when he taught that class for the first year, and the students blew him away with their projects. He didn't know what to do, so he went to his mentor and asked "what am I supposed to do, they are past what I have planned to teach?" You go into the class and tell the students "that was good, but I know you all can do better". He also mentioned that he should not just set the bar anywhere, because that can limit the child's ability. The bar can always go higher. Using videos and technology to teach people is very useful. You need to make people self-reflecting; make them push themselves.

These are lessons that show what helps you achieve these dreams. The first lesson is the role of parents, mentors, and students. They push you to achieve. The second lesson was that you must tell your students to have fun. (Most students learn quicker when they think they are "just having fun"!) The third lesson was to never lose the child-like wonder. The fourth lesson that you must help others. The fifth lesson was that loyalty is a two-way street. The sixth lesson was to never give up. The seventh lesson was how do we get people to help you. The ways to get people to help you are: you can't get there alone, tell the truth, be earnest, apologize when you screw up, focus on others and not yourself. (Hey, these are great life lessons too!) The eighth lesson was to show gratitude. The ninth lesson was don't complain, just work harder. The tenth lesson was to be good at something; it just makes you valuable. The eleventh lesson was to find the best in everybody; no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it. The twelfth lesson was to be prepared: "luck" is where preparation meets opportunity.

I really enjoyed this lesson! I used to think I was way to old to continue to pursue my dreams - no more! I will be a fantastic teacher. I will not let anyone distract me from my goals. I have been completely enjoyed learning about Mr. Pausch. I hope others will too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project #10

PLN (Personal Learning Network) --- A Beginning

As I was foraging through my Symbaloo I was thinking that my PLN really could use some "housecleaning"! It is CRAZY. Still, I know what is going on - unlike in my home! Yet, I have enjoyed my PLN without really realizing what I was doing. Is this the way learning should work? I am looking at my Twitter at least 3-5 times a day. This includes going and looking at #EDM310 and #edchat. Both of those I absolutely love! I get some great ideas or just points to ponder every single day.

Recently I have even taken information that I got off Twitter, copied it and sent it to teachers that are at my daughters school. Several of these teachers are amazed at the things I can do... Little do they know they can get this information too. (Unfortunately, none have asked!)

So, my PLN started with Twitter, then it grew to the teacher's blogs we have commented on so far this semester. Now I am adding Facebook pages of fellow teachers and Google+ circles! I am building relationships with perfect strangers all because of social networking! I know that building these relationships will be helpful to me in the future. When I have a problem I need a quick answer for - I will tweet my PLN! When I need research help, post it! My PLN has already served to get me out of a big jam in another class. I needed and interview subject. I had 4 fall through and my project was due in 3 days. I posted on Facebook my issue (and my frustration) I had TWO private messages telling me they wanted to help! That was in the first FIVE minutes! Thirty minutes later I was off to do my interview! That is why we have a PLN. We need other people to help us when we have a problem. We need to be there for others too. We are tomorrows educators and we need to know how to use the newest teaching tools at our disposal!

I know I am going to sound a bit childish when I say this, but I love my PLN - I hope you will create your own PLN and love it too!

Project 9b Instructional Timetoast

Mormon History

I chose to do my timeline on Mormon History for two reasons. One, because I am Mormon and two, because the history of the Mormon people is facinating - even if you do not understand the faith. The history of the Mormonism is interesting. I hope you enjoy this snip-it of instruction on the history of Mormonism.

C4K Post #2

Pointsview School Room 3

At first I didn't really understand why Dr. Strange would have us view an entire blog and then assign us just one specific blog to comment on - now I do! There is absolutely no way to just view your assigned post and comment. These kids have created an incredible blog. You must check it out!

My assignment was to comment on the Wordle Blog. Since we created a wordle ourselves at the beginning of this semester - I really enjoyed looking at their wordle. The wordle is created of words that the class feels best describes their blog and what their blog is used to learn. Notice that learning is the longest and one of the largest words. World is the other really large word. I think this wordle could be used to describe our own EDM310 Class Blog.

I commented on the wordle blog that I had created a wordle also. I complemented them on a job well done. I also made what I believe are encouraging remarks on the difficulty of learning new things and the pride one takes when those difficult tasks are completed.

Great job! Thanks for sharing!
wordle of words describing this class blog

Mrs. Gregory's 6th Grade

This week we were assigned two different students to comment on for Mrs. Gregory's class. We were assigned a number and a column and then we were told to use the "name generator" to get another student's name.

The student I was assigned was Abby. Abby's post consisted of a recipe for a science experiment. I tried the experiment and it worked! Much to my own dismay. I told Abby this too! I hope the excitement I felt at having a science experiment that actually worked showed in my post! I am so excited that it worked for me! Below you will find her recipe!

Make a a balloon blow up. We will use vinegar, baking sota, and empty water bottles.

1. You get an empty water bottle and fill it up with vinegar about half way.

2. You get a balloon and fill it up with baking sota.

3. You put the balloon on the water bottle to cover the top.

4. then the balloon should be blown on.

water bottle, balloon, vinegar bottle

My second post for this week I used the "name generator" and it chose Kasey5 for me. Kasey's blog was, well... all about blogging. She stated her ideas on blogging and why she enjoyed it. I expressed how much I have enjoyed blogging in this class. I told her that sometimes when I am "playing" on Facebook I go and look to see what still needs to be done with my blog. She is doing a great job blogging and I told her so!

This week we were assigned to comment on Mr. C's Class Blog. Mr. C is none other than William Chamberlain - someone that is a part of my PLN! So I was excited to read "his" kid's blog!

I was assigned to comment on Elizabeth's blog. The week I chose to comment was a blog about Why I Write. I started by reading several of Elizabeth's posts. I then commented on the "Why I Write" post. I told her that I had read other posts and that I really loved her post on "Setting and Mood". I almost got cold while reading that post and I told her so! It was really great! Elizabeth does a great job at making you "see" what she wants you to "see"! I suggested that she continue her blog as long as she can.

I can see why Dr. Strange has us use Mr. Chamberlain as an example of a great teacher! A teacher can usually be defined by the type of work their students put forth. Mr. Chamberlain's students really put their best foot forward! I know that not every student will always do their very best and sometimes a student's very best will not be that great, but it is encouraging to see what can happen!

ROOM 9 @ PT England School

Here is Lorenzo's animation of the Dublin castle in Ireland. Well done Lorenzo!

This week I commented on Lorenzo's animation. I have attempted animation before and I had a hard time doing it! I think it would be something that would be fun to attempt again with the knowledge I currently have from this class!

Lorenzo did a great job on his presentation. It is only 23 seconds long - so you should check it out here!